Thalassemia Project

  1. Thalassemia Awareness Campaign-

    • Organized Thalassemia Awareness programs in 48 schools and colleges in three different ways -

    • Thalassemia Awareness Workshop-In this, Dr. Rajesh Bansal, renowned pathologist delivered lecture on thalassemia in a interactive manner in 12 schools of Indore.

    • Thalassemia Carrier Detection Camp -In this camp, we do free blood tests of youngsters and students to detect if they are carriers of the disease followed by counseling. This has covered 186 students so far.

    • Awareness & Entertainment Program - Famous child singer Jayant Singh Chauhan performs live in schools followed by information sharing about diseases and prevention by Dr. Bansal and Dr Rajni Bhandari Covered six schools.

  2. Publication and Distribution of Posters on Thalassemia Prevention and Treatment.

  3. Arranged 40 blood donation camps.

  4. Establishment of Thalassemia DAY CARE CENTER in Government Children Hospital (Chacha Nehru Hospital).
    In 2003 by sustained efforts made by group members with support from Shri Digvijay Singh, ex Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, a fixed ward was marked to admit thalassemia patients in this hospital. This ward was converted into well equipped day care center by our NGO. We provided complete infrastructure including 2 air conditioners, refrigerator, beds with mattresses, waiting chairs, lockers, fans, TV, IV stands, bed sheets, water utensils, exhaust fans, water cooler etc. This was made possible by support from regular and donor members and also general public. During 3 years of our work, we also organized regular camps in this ward. At the end of 3rd year of our work, this was handed over to the government for management.

  5. Medicines for thalassemic patients - 210 patients from the entire state are registered with us. We give them medicines - kelfar and desirox, despharol injections at reduced rate, also arrange blood tests at highly discounted rates at pathologies registered with our organization.

Child Welfare Project

  1. Village Development & Promotion Of Education in Rural Schools -

    • We developed village 'Bhaslaya' as 'model village' in 1997-98 which included construction of school building, toilets and library. We also organized various competitions for school students to provide them encouragement and motivation.

    • We adopted a second village - ' Ghodabad', a tribal village where we constructed new class rooms in government school, fulfilled all requirements of 55 students including furniture for classroom, blackboard, books, uniform, medical checkup for students. We also organized regular lectures against liquor consumption and pan masala in the school.

    • We have completed work in village 'Bardari'. We have provided furniture for school, utensils for mid day meals in schools, uniforms, blankets to students of government school. We have also conducted a number of lectures for students and their parents. Constructed ' Muktidham' a burial place for the village.

  2. Awareness Programs -

    • We run two programs regularly -

    • Adolescent Orientation and Awareness - This is conducted in schools, we have covered 5 schools. This is done by ;renowned and trained medical doctors.

    • Oral Cancer Awareness Camps - This is to educate and motivate students against the use of tobacco and pan masala. Dr. Arun Agarwal - a well known cancer surgeon presents detailed interactive presentation about oral cancer. This has been so far in 105 schools in Indore.

  3. Recognition and Honor of Talented Students - We recognize talent and achievement in students by honoring them for their achievement in different fields such as academics, art and sports. We honoured several students.

  4. Interschool Art Competition - We conduct annual interschool painting competition on relevant themes such as 'Save Water, Save Girl Child and Stop Terrorism'.

  5. Provided total medical help to 31 children suffering from various incurable diseases. Some of these children are:

    • Shyam - Heart problem,

    • Dinesh Malviya - Urinary track cronic problem

    • Ashima B - A plastic anemia

    • Puja Tupe - CTEV

    • Sonal Vare -Lipomeningocole

    • Vineet Kanhare - Sickle cell anemia

    • Agraj Joshi and Nilesh Jain – Blood cancer

    • Sarika - Accident recovery

    • Priyanka Khalsa - E wing Sercomma of Tibia

    • Dinesh Sahu - Dwarfness

    • Bharat java-Decortification of Lungs

    • Hemant Khare - Heart disease

    • Sandeep Rajak - Kidney transplant

    • Aarti Baghar Cronic defect of kloaka

    • Astik Bhargav - Heart Problem

    • Meenakshi Dosi - Throat infection

    • Sapna Kaushal- Plastic surgery

Children Supported